Yellow page consulting

I can advise you on an effective overall media plan for your business.  I will  give you recommendations for the yellow pages and online yellow pages based on my industry expertise.  (I have been in advertising and marketing industry for over 20 years.  I have worked directly in the yellow page and online yellow page industry for 15 years.  I have an MBA from the University of Denver and really understand small to mid size businesses needs.)
I know what works for most types of businesses as I have worked with thousands over the years and learned about their industry, competition, and other media that worked well for them.  I have developed messages specifically aimed at their target demographics and ideal customers.  I updated their online profiles with keyword phrases and business descriptions targeting the types of clients that these businesses wanted to reach.
The yellow page industry is in the declining stage in its product life-cycle, business owners need to put their advertising dollars where the usage is.
Some online yellow pages companies statistics on what your business received can be misleading.  A huge issue on their pay to click programs has to do with how people search.   If someone knows they want  Joe’s plumbing and they type that in the search bar you will come up with a tracking number.  When someone calls from that number you end up using your monthly budget.   Here are some other things that can use up your paid budget.  Sales calls can use up to 25%, people looking for employment may be up to 10%, wrong numbers or people calling the tracking line thinking it is someone they want ( sometimes these lines are only a few months old and they were someone else’s number before) up to 25% of your calls.  Existing customers can be up to 25%.   You can waste a huge portion of your monthly budget.
Google adwords is a much better option.  We will help you set up an adwords program for a minimal charge.  Hiring outside companies like Reach Local, and online yellow pages can cost you up to 50% fee over doing the program yourself.  Check out this article in the Wall St. Journal.,,SB10001424052702303654804576349861349692274,00.html
It speaks to the extra cost that is associated with hiring firms like this to run your Google adwords program.  They have extensive overhead and have to charge you more to pay for their overhead.