Aside from the overall design, Denver Internet Marketing will create a site with ranking factors such as: loading speed, site layout, flash, Javascript and others at top of mind.

When the company designing your website has site ranking and accessibility as its number one goal you are going to have a website that not only looks great but ranks high in organic searches. We do on page and off page SEO as both are important.  The off page SEO is strictly White Hat as we do not use spinning software that can get you put in the sandbox by Google.

Monthly Search Engine Optimization is extremely important to your sites ranking.  Google and other search engines are constantly changing what is important in their algorithm.  Staying up with Google’s updates is one of the most important things we do.  When Google decided that you need to update content on your website at least monthly, having a blog on your site updated monthly became much more important.  You need to add this current relevant content every month to stay on the first page.  Competitors are doing work on their own sites which means that we have to analyze what your competitors are doing so we can stay one step ahead.  We have to keep up to date on this though reading forums, blogs, etc and updating what we are doing for you.  Our SEO software gets updated daily to help us create reports on what new changes have been made.  Having great software is essential in our business.  We have to monitor your reports on our software, Google analytics, and industry news to make sure we can maintain your position once we get it to the first page.

Internet Triad

1. Current Relevant Content

2. Linking Strategy, inbound and outbound links created using evergreen methods.

3.  Actions on site. Updates such as a blog using an RSS feed to send this content out.