Posting to Facebook from WordPress







Login URL:


Password: xxxxxxx


Go to New and Post at the top of the page


Type in your Title. In some cases this is sufficient. If you have a large amount of text then put it in the Body of the Post but since you’re driving traffic to your site it is best to tease them with a title and drive them to your site for the remaining info in the message.

Now to add an image to the post

Go to ADD MEDIA in the upper left hand corner of the message body


Select the image you want to upload and on this next screen make sure it is selected with the CHECK BOX

After the image is uploaded then scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and check the box next to FACEBOOK Posting

Scroll up and check Only the box that says BLOG and de-select any other boxes that might be checked unless you specifically wish to have this post applied to other categories.


CLICK PUBLISH and you’re done. Within a few minutes your post should appear on your Facebook page.