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Bryan and Chuc
Rocking the SEO

Each member of our team has been working in the online advertising and online marketing industry for over 15 years. Our team members have considerable experience developing  and executing online marketing programs.  We really understand small to mid size businesses needs and through our efforts drive ready to buy consumers to their business.  We can use your existing website and make modifications to it or build a great new website that really showcases your business,  products and services.  We provide fully track-able websites with dynamic phone numbers and we can even record all of the calls for you.  When we set this up we can use different numbers for organic search and paid search so you know how the customer came to your business.  We will email you a report every week.  Of course we provide several types of online form fills as well.

We know what works for most types of businesses as we really have helped thousands over the years and learned about their industries, competition, and what that worked well for them.
We have developed messages specifically aimed at their target demographics and ideal customers.  Yes times are changing and you have to change with how people search. If you are spending your marketing budget on yellow pages and newspapers like you were 5 years ago your business is going to be hurting.  You can still have a similar message but it needs to be conveyed with how people are searching on mobile devices and computers.  About 2 of every 3 searches is conducted on Google so your businesses website better be following what Google and the other search engines are doing with their algorithm updates and make sure that your website meets the guidelines for SEO purposes.

Bryan Murphy: I have been working in the advertising and marketing industry for over 20 years as a marketing professional.  I worked in the yellow page and online yellow page industry for 15 years as a premise marketing consultant for Dex and Superpages working with clients spending up to $20,000 a month. I became a Google adwords professional in 2006  and really elevated my knowledge of paid search at that time.  I graduated with a MBA from the University of Denver in 1999. The knowledge and business experience I gained from this was immense.  I started Denver Internet Marketing and SEO in March of 2011 after seeing how peoples search habits were moving online.   Yellow page and Newspaper usage had dropped significantly and businesses that were advertising in these mediums were getting less value for their dollar.

We research and develop a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign that includes organic search engine optimization, website and mobile website design, mobile marketing, content management, and pay per click management.
With over 15 years of experience in Internet Marketing  focused on bringing ready to buy consumers to your business  we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the increased business we bring to you. We will provide you with an all-inclusive Internet Marketing strategy that works with and supplements your current marketing strategy.

Chuc Mason has extensive experience building websites and optimizing them for search engines. Chuc has been in the information technology business since his high school years 25 years ago. Here is a little bit about him:

Unleash Your Geek, Inc.
SEO & Technology Solutions
WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and custom html solutions.
SEO, Twitter and Facebook marketing, Google Ad* campaigns, Web Traffic Analytics
MySQL and other database driven websites, web systems analysis.

I am a seasoned and articulate web development professional with a proven track record of success in SEO, web site development and management. By combining my 20+ years of troubleshooting, development and marketing experience I have created custom methodologies for very successful website development and marketing campaigns. I have successfully developed and promoted over 200 websites which have ranked in the Top Ten on Google and Yahoo.