Social API

socia-api-turbocharge-your-mediaAre you looking for an effective Internet Marketing solution that won’t break your bank and with a team who takes a personal interest in your success?
A team that treats your success with care? Our solutions and research began before SEO was an industry acronym and before search engine optimization was main stream.
From these innovative years in the tech and Internet industries we have created a system that is unmatched in the world of SEO, The Social API.

The Social API is many things

It’s a way to bring all of your important information together in a single location, the SEO Dashboard, and connect this information to some of the most critical systems that a well marketed business needs to succeed on the Internet. Instead of managing your business over 100s of individual locations and marketing outlets this allows us to facilitate management from a highly efficient dashboard accomplishing more in a fraction of the time.
This system includes Social Media tools which manage the distribution of your latest updates to over 40 of the most important social media websites.
Over 200 sites and directories can be updated as well in the same process but in a staggered and natural pattern. This aggressive exposure pumps up the traffic to your website and helps raise your business in the rankings on the search engines for the keywords, related long-tail keywords and categories that we are using to promote your business.

We analyze your primary competition and devise a plan of action to bring more business to you through our SEO. Our broad areas of expertise give you a strategic advantage over the competition.
• Technical SEO
• Growth Hacking methods (where applicable)
• Free and paid submissions (local search, national, international directories)
• Photo sharing (i.e. Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
• Video sharing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
• Blogging (, business specific sites, industry forums, and more)
• Your site structure, page meta-data, content, keyword density
• Keyword Research: While your competition is bidding on the top 5 most popular keywords we are grabbing every keyword that they threw away and bringing traffic from places that they have disregarded. Most companies focus on “keywords” by value.
We assess the competitiveness of the keywords related to your business offerings and develop a cost-effective strategy to target search phrases that will bring business to your door.

What do you get after 35,000 hours of testing “SEO” with over 500 domain names?

This is how many hours we have spent since 2001 developing systems that continuously prevail against other firms.

  • First, this gives you 28,000 more hours of testing than is done by 97% of Internet Marketing firms in today’s market.
  • Second, this means that we have an average of 13 years of experience over 99% of the industry because over half of SEO consultants have only entered this field in the last 3 years.
  • Third: Technical SEO is a cutting edge advantage over 99% of the industry who have less than 3 years of experience analyzing the single thing that can put a website ahead of each of its competitors.

These 3 reasons mean that we can do what less than 1% of the SEO industry can accomplish.

If this isn’t enough to make your head spin we have better pricing than that 1% because they have more overhead and require more people to manage things that we can combine into our one of a kind SEO Dashboard.